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In-sourcing vs out-sourcing of fabrication

Why out-source fabrication when we could do it in-house?

That’s a question that some of our customers ask, and it is easily answered.

Unless you are a dedicated metal fabrication shop, or have dedicated personnel, it is generally sound business to work with someone who meets that criteria.

Having equipment to work with metal does not make a shop proficient in doing so. Fabrication shops have the know-how to make the parts right the first time, and know the potential problems, and solutions to those problems. Paying a sub-contract fab shop to make your components can be a way to keep your employees on tasks that they excel at, thus saving time, and as a result, money.

Even better than sub-contracting a job here or there, is to actually partner up with a professional shop, and have them get to know your facility and your needs.

At Kad, we often act as an extension of our customer’s maintenance or engineering departments, turning their needs into delivered goods.

John Lucas